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Sheriff Office Name:
Madison County Sheriff's Office
Street Address:
201 W Main St
Zip Code:
(479) 738-2320
(479) 738-5299
Rick Evans
Sheriff Phone:
(479) 738-5612
Sheriff Fax:
(479) 738-5299
Sheriff Email:
About Additional Info:
The Madison County Sheriff's Office is committed to keeping our community safe and informed. Arkansas law provides the opportunity for the Sheriff's Office to provide its community with the kind information it needs to make good decisions with regard to the safety and welfare of its citizens and their children. That said, abuse of this information to threaten, intimidate, or harass offenders will not be tolerated. Anyone who uses the information contained in the registry to commit a criminal act against another person may be subject to criminal prosecution. The Madison County Sheriff's Office will release information pursuant to Arkansas Code 12-12-9 Sex Offender Registration Act of 1997. This act authorizes law enforcement agencies to inform the public of a sex offender's presence when the release of such information will enhance public safety and protection. Individuals appearing on these notifications have been convicted of an offense requiring registration with the Arkansas Crime Information Center.
Madison County Sheriff's Office
201 W Main St, 72740, Huntsville, Arkansas